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Lesson Rates

(36)  Private 30-minute classes a school year: $140.00 a month

(36)  Private 45- minute classes a school year: $210.00 a month


(36)  Private 60-minutes classes a school year: $280.00 a month

(36)  Semi-Private 45-minute classes a school year: $125.00 per student/ monthly 


Student Registration/Recital Fee: $25.00 annual fee per family

Beginning guitar students will use Getting Started by Charlotte Adams. Click here to purchase.




Musical Starts automated payment system is easy and  hassle-free for you.  The recurring monthly payment will be deducted from your credit card via Stripe (Duet Partner).  For alternate payment option contact Marcia.

Registration Fees

There is an annual $25.00 per family registration and recital fee due at the beginning of the school year. Registration Fees are non-refundable.

Cancelled Lessons

If the teacher cancels a lessons for any reason she is obliged to make up the lesson. If the student cancels the lesson, the teacher is not obliged to make up the lesson.


Tuition is due regardless of missed lessons, and credit cannot be given for missed lessons.


If enrollment must be cancelled, a written notice prior to the 1st of the month is required.  If notice is received after the 1st of the month, the tuition for the current month will still be charged. 


The written notice may be emailed to or mailed to Marcia Liddon, 3102 Brass Buttons Drive, Austin, TX 78734

Materials and Supplies:

Students taking instrumental  lessons can expect about $20-$40 of music expenses throughout the year. Notification of bills for music or extra supplies will be sent as needed. These charges will be applied to your account, and charged at the same time as the current month’s payment.

Students taking instrumental lessons need an instrument in the home for daily practice. A metronome is required for all students. Guitar students will also need a tuner, capo and picks.


Practice requirements and goals will vary according to teacher assignments and student levels.  The more practice, the more progress!

Parental Involvement

Parents are welcomed to stay and wait during lessons. Please make yourself at home in living room downstairs. If you would like to watch your child or talk to me, please come into studio the last five minutes of class time. I have found that students focus better when a parent is not in the room.


Students in instrumental lessons also have an assignment notebook to facilitate communication between studio and home.  Included in the notebook is a lesson planner and students are encouraged to log practice time each week.


Parental support is crucial to the success of each student. To keep parents informed, I will regularly communicate via email or text.

Music Tuition

Payments are to be made in 9 monthly installments, beginning with the first lesson August 22. This is a payment plan and you are paying for the total number of lessons in the year; not the total number of lessons in a month.

Piano and guitar classes offered at the MS Studio are 36 lessons per school year.  Classes start August 22, 2022 and end May 25, 2023.

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